Iconic Guitars – 5 of the best

Without a doubt, the greatest guitar players need the greatest guitars ever made. They are many iconic guitars makes out that there available in Guitar shops Gloucestershire or anywhere else in the country. Although https://www.guitarsmiths.co.uk/ is a very fine place to start. Let’s look at the 5 most important males of guitar.

  1. Gibson Les Paul. Sunburst. Designed and developed by the great Les Paul himself the Sunburst and Gold top Custom makes of this guitar are legends. They were produced to compete with the likes of the Fender Stratocaster r= (more about that later) and would go on to be the backbone of the Gibson Company’s mass produced guitar makes. They were favoured by such acts as Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones and Neil Youngs Gibson Gold Top “Old Black”. And of course, they were the favoured weapon of choice by the man Les Paul himself.

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  1. Fender Stratocaster or “Strat”. The Stratocaster was the first mass produced solid body guitar. It was affordable and could come in a variety of colours, though this was slightly derided as cheap looking and like the panels from a car. It’s slick design and long neck has made it one of the most emulated guitar designs in the world. Jeff Beck and Riche Blackmore of Black Sabbath were the some of the most prestigious users of this elegant guitar. Slow hands Eric Clapton also favoured it calling his “Blackie” a popular shade for this famous instrument.
  2. Fender Telecaster. The Telecaster is the follow on from the “Strat”. The Tele is the most commercially successful solid body electric guitar ever produced. Originally called the Broadcaster it was the completely affordable beginners guitar for those about to embark on a course of Bert Weddons Play in a day or some other learning document. It was a n improvement, for some, on the Strat as it produced a clearer less gritty sound. They could also be modified as the Esquire Model used by Bruce Springsteen

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  1. Gibson Flying V. Beloved by any self-respecting Glam Rock/Metal band the Flying V is favoured for its whammy bar, so you can hammer out the long note s and add a bit of spice to the proceedings. Kirk Hammett from Metallica is a fan, but it is Lonnie Mack that pioneered the instrument taking one hot of the production line when Gibson first produced them.
  2. Ibanez Destroyer. The first non-Fender or Gibson make, this unusual shaped guitar was designed to look and feel a bit more futuristic. It has unusual points and has seen several changes becoming more pronounced and outlandish in its appearance such as Dave Hill from Slade’s star shaped bass version.

Special mention should also go to the Gretsch Cigar Box, basically on oblong box shape that Bo Diddley used to great effect after firstly designing in himself and then finally the great Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelins Double headed Gibson EDS 1275. Without it, no Stairway to heaven.

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