How to Look Younger

Without access to the fountain of youth, how do we look younger or at least not older than our actual years? Here are some great tips for looking after our skin, health, hair, and mind to aid us in our eternal quest for a youthful glow:

Wear a wide smile

In a study where people of different ages were asked to guess the ages of people in photographs, the results were a hands-down win for the smile. Those who wore a neutral expression had their ages thought more accurately; those who frowned were considered older, and those who smiled had their ages guessed younger than they were. Therefore, if you want to look younger, laugh and smile often.

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Big up your hair

If your hair has thinned as you age, use volumizing products and lighter hair colour to disguise any thinning. Use a conditioning treatment to prevent dryness. If thinning is bothering you, consider Scalp Micropigmentation Kidderminster by going to

Don’t skimp on the grapes

Because they’re so sweet, you might have been avoiding them, but sorbitol in the grapes is a humectant. This means it’s a substance that attracts water and will help your skin to absorb and retain essential moisture.

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Book a quick treatment

If you’ve got an event or occasion coming up, you might want a quicker solution. Botox is a cost-effective, safe, fast, and easy treatment that can reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.

Dress to impress

The clothes you choose can affect how old you look. Learn what styles and fits suit your shape, what colours flatter any lumps and bumps, and if you have a wrinkly neck, try to avoid tight or crew-neck tops that push skin upwards.

Get regular exercise

Muscle loss can be prematurely ageing, and so too is not getting enough sleep. Exercising several times weekly will strengthen your muscles and help you sleep better at night. A mix of exercises is most beneficial, including cardiovascular, resistance and stretching, and balance exercises.

Put greens and reds on your plate

Kale and other green leafy veggies contain vitamin K, which helps prevent bruising, and the lycopene in tomatoes is tough against the damaging effects of UV rays on the skin.

Put oily fish on your dish

Oily fish is full of promising compounds that boost muscle tone, and these compounds are also found in some of the most high-end expensive face creams on the market. If you were to eat just two portions of oily fish a week, it would have the same benefit as using one of these creams.

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