An explanation of different types of boilers

Thinking about a boiler may not be one of your top priorities, but if you want to heat your house and do it without harming the earth, finding an efficient and practical match for your home is important. Here we see the main types of systems, how they work and their advantages for different types of houses.

The boiler system has a cylinder to store hot water with the main heating system and hot water built inside the boiler itself. Because it’s fast and easy to install. Because there is no tank needed, it can be a useful choice for homes with little or no attic space. This boiler can also be used with solar panels that provide lower energy bills and environmental benefits. They are very suitable for homes with more than one bathroom because there is a constant supply of hot water to many taps at once. Not having a tank in the attic space also means that there is no concern about leaks or freezing damage and frees up important space that you might consider attic conversion, for example. This boiler is more economical to operate, quicker and tidier to install.

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Combi Boilers are a combination of very efficient water heating and mains heating in one single unit. The water is heated straight from the mains electricity when the tap is switched on so there is no need for a storage cylinder or cold-water storing tank in the attic. Because water is heated directly and is not heated and then stored, they are cost-effective and efficient because the water is heated instantly. A further benefit is that when water is sent at electric pressure, you can have a beautiful power shower without the need for a separate pump.

The Combi boiler is small and more compact which makes it ideal for smaller homes and is useful if the roof space is limited or non-existent. Because there is no need for a hot water cylinder, this increases the availability of living space. There is no concern about freezing the attic pipe and because there are fewer pipes, it generally makes installation easier and cheaper. For Boiler installation Bristol, visit

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The kettle is also known as a traditional kettle, only heat or conventional kettle is the ideal solution for homes that already have traditional heating and hot water systems that are connected with separate hot water tubes. In contrast to combi systems and boilers, this boiler does require cold water storage tanks in the attic to feed hot water cylinders and tanks that maintain water levels from the central heating system.

Replacing with an ordinary boiler is useful for homes that have an old radiator system. Older systems may not be able to cope with higher water pressures sent by systems or combination boilers. They are ideal for homes where a lot of water is used simultaneously, where there are two or more bathrooms and where water pressure is low. The benefits include being able to be used with solar water heating systems for lower energy costs.

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