How to cope with wedding setbacks

A wedding is a beautiful occasion and it’s supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life, but the stress of preparing can become overwhelming as plans fail and costs mount. Here are some tips for coping with potential setbacks so you can have a day to remember for the right reasons.

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Be prepared

Research and evaluate the options when it comes to venue, attire, services and catering. This can help ensure you find the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions and can also provide you with back-up plans and alternatives should your first choices not pan out. Wedding insurance can provide a little peace of mind should something go wrong, so speak to the venue, services and suppliers about it.

Get support

Work together with your partner to avoid one half of the happy couple taking on the heavy lifting. This will also ensure you’re on the same page when it comes to what you want.

Reach out to friends, family and professionals if the situation becomes overwhelming. Many will likely want to be more involved, so you can delegate certain tasks or seek emotional support when you need it. The caveat here is that you don’t need to take the advice you’re given, as well-meaning as it may be.

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Find your focus

Define what your wedding means to you and what the most important elements are. Perhaps it’s a particular venue, such as a gorgeous country location like the Gloucester Hotel Wedding venue at Perhaps it’s having a magnificent cake, walking down the aisle in the dress of your dreams, or simply having as many family and friends there as possible.

Get some perspective

Setbacks you may encounter along the way don’t necessarily have to be signs of doom. Try to go with the flow a little, avoid getting involved in disputes, take a deep breath, and see the opportunities in discovering other alternatives.

Plans can go wrong for anyone; it’s par for the course. Even Marie Antoinette had a fashion faux pas with an ill-fitting dress and Queen Elizabeth suffered a broken tiara on her big day.

Keep in mind what is truly important and what this wedding means to you and your partner. Your marriage, your love and your future together will always triumph over any setbacks.

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