How to become an experienced truck driver

A career in truck driving can be lucrative and offer high levels of job satisfaction. Here are the first steps to becoming a trucker:

Learn to Drive

You must hold a valid driving licence before you can start working as a driver. You must also be at least 18 years old. Next, you will need to obtain a provisional licence for truck driving. The DVLA will require you to fill out forms D2 and D4 in order to submit your application.

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A Certificate of Professional Competence is required for driving a vehicle which carries goods. A CPC is not required for driving for personal reasons. You will need to pass a CPC Theory Test in order to receive your certificate.

The third part of the CPC is a driving test that will examine your skills, which you have learned from your instructor. Your instructor will provide you with the truck to complete the test. Three sections are included in the test: questions on vehicle safety, driving skills and manoeuvres like reversing.

The final step is a practical demonstration where you must demonstrate how to safely load a truck, perform a vehicle check, know how to prevent illegal migrants from entering your vehicle, and how to act in an emergency.


You can qualify to tow a vehicle after you’ve qualified for the class you want. This is an entitlement +E and requires you to sit the driving test with a trailer. When you need Trailer Parts, visit

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Training that is ongoing

To maintain your CPC certification, truck drivers must complete 35 hours of CPC-related training every five years. After you turn 45, your licence will need to be renewed every 5 years. Anyone driving a truck over 65 must renew their licence annually.

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