How to achieve balance in the couple

Honestly how to achieve balance in the couple is a question which is worth pondering a bit because it is not as complicated as it seems.

When we started a relationship with another person, we do for love. We are in love and in that moment is as if the world was built on a cloud and everything were wonderful.

But the reality is that so generous and special feeling does not last forever, after a few months we must return to reality. We have to keep working, doing the laundry and organizing our lives.

How to achieve balance in the coupleBesides love what we seek in our partner?

When we consider how to achieve balance in the couple we always go to the beginning of the relationship. Before a new relationship and almost from day one, we do not seek only love but also much more.

Does not mean that all seek the same in the couple, but looking for something: protection, compression, support, sincerity, and humor, fun, love … we may be looking for one or many things in the other, and that is why sooner or later we demand something.
The same thing happens to our spouse and so, sooner or later, also expects more from us.

Those interested in how to achieve balance in the couple should be clear that in order to maintain a stable relationship, satisfying and harmonious couple, both need each other meet our needs.

When I look at my partner after two years of relationship, I need to see it is that the person who gives me what I need. If I look when I do not find that, love becomes a feeling of anger and frustration that can end the great affection with which he started the whole affair.

Guidelines to achieve a good balance in the couple

  • If I want to achieve something of my partner, I cannot leave it to your imagination or you get to find out for himself. We are not soothsayers of the other’s mind and therefore the other is not our mind. If I want or expect something, it’s only fair to tell that to fulfill my wishes.
  • I cannot expect to receive continuously. If I want to achieve something from the other person I have to give to make you feel equally satisfied and happy with me and we both find ourselves in line with each other.
  • The other person does not usually have the same needs as me. As we said each person hopes to accomplish different things from their beloved and only when I hear what you want and need to be able to give security to be contributing something really important.
  • A couple important things not usually materials. If they are is because there is too much love. What usually fill are small gestures that show us that he cares for the other person. For some it will be the generosity of letting me see the basketball game at home with friends and others will be you bemoan me when I cry and I listen. How to achieve balance in the couple is not, thankfully, a matter of having or not having more money.
  • If I did not provide what the other is in need is like not give anything. So if I’m looking to spend more time with you, is not much that the other person excuses his absence with a very expensive gift. This is not usually too positive effect and continues to exist the relationship would become very interested.
  • Must always take care of the relationship. Only by having made ​​a conquest, does not mean you can sleep and give everything for cattle. I do not care if every day of my relationship there is no guarantee of stability.
  • We need not always understand why our partner asks us asking us things. Sometimes we did not understand at these levels, but we must always respect their feelings. If I now need a hug, you may not understand it , but it is important for me, it is a desire that can be respected and taken into account, since no means such a sacrifice for the other.
  • We must never give up our personality, our way of being and of course to certain passions. To achieve a good balance in the couple has to give, but not all of oneself. If I leave vital things for the way for being with someone, sooner or later it will cast on face. Waivers must be thought out.
  • Like I have to be clear and specific when asking when I demand something from the other.

If both members of a couple have love and reciprocity between them, their relationship is much more likely to be successful and may evolve together.

These guidelines or tips are really essential when seeking how to achieve balance in the couple.

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