Key Packing Advice for Moving Home

Moving house is a stressful experience, especially at this time of year.

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In fact, an article in The Express suggests that moving home is one of the most stressful life experiences you’ll encounter – even more so than divorce! But as with most things, planning and preparation can make the whole process run much more smoothly. Here are some essential packing tips for your next house move.

Give It Time

The last thing you’ll want is to leave packing until the last minute and have to rush. Once you have a moving date, utilise your time wisely and pack in stages. For a large home it would be sensible to start a few months in advance, even if this means packing up one box per day. Ultimately, this preparation will make your life much simpler when the time arrives, and your packing will be more structured and organised.


Moving house is a great excuse to have a clear-out – what’s the point in transporting things that you don’t need? Work by the motto of ‘if you don’t love it or use, then get rid of it’ – then hold a yard sale or car boot or sell online in order to make money that can go towards your new home.

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Use a Reputable Removal Company

If you are enlisting the help of a removal company, then do your research beforehand. Check their documentation and insurance policies so that you’re covered in the event of anything being lost or broken. It can be worth checking online for testimonials too – a bad review might be enough to put you off when you consider that they are in charge of all of your worldly belongings. A Bristol removals company such as will be able to provide testimonials from satisfied customers.

Box Up Well

It might seem like common sense, but don’t forget to pack thoughtfully. This means not overloading boxes, putting heavier boxes at the bottom and labelling up well. Use plenty of newspaper and padding items to protect your delicate belongings.

Box of Essentials

Keep a box of essentials close by for when you get into the new house and immediately need certain items – things like a tea towel, kettle, essential crockery, baby supplies and toiletries may feature here.


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