What Will the Future of Web Design Look Like?

It’s an exciting time for web design, with new visual trends and technologies allowing designers to push the boundaries of what’s possible. So what does the future hold and how will it impact your business?

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New Trends in Design

In general, the key word when it comes to the future of web design seems to be ‘disruptive’, with the introduction of non-standard layouts, layering different elements and a bolder use of colour and typography. There is also a trend towards using video in a more creative way, such as embedding video landing pages.

One recent and ongoing trend in web design is an increased use of animation, such as logos and GIFs. As well as making your website stand out, animation can help to tell a story about your brand and even explain what you do in a simple way. At a very basic level, animations can be as simple as a moving arrow that guides a visitor to where you want them to click. A further key design trend that has significant implications for web design is 3D technology. This allows designers to bring different shapes and materials to life, which can offer limitless possibilities.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

If you’re launching your first site or revamping your existing one, these new trends can open up a world of design possibilities. However, the most important things are that your site works for you and your visitors. Indeed, research has shown that website design can be a crucial factor for visitors when deciding whether to make an online purchase. In addition, lots of fancy graphics and animations can slow down your site and may make it look cluttered. A further issue is that some design elements may not work as well on a mobile platform.

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So whether you work with a local website design company in Gloucester or elsewhere in the UK, such as https://www.net9design.com/, or a multinational agency, it’s important the designers understand how best to deliver the optimal online presence for your business.

With technology constantly evolving, it’s hard to predict what web design will look like in five years’ time, or even this time next year! However, certain fundamental aspects of designing a website remain constant, as does the ultimate aim of driving increased traffic that converts into sales.

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