Top 3 Famous painters.

Can you think of 3 famous painters? These 3 usually pop up as some of the finest examples of painting that there is. You find that for the most they’ve had pretty interesting lives once they weren’t around the canvas and whilst we can’t promise that the Painters Cheltenham based company of are the same they will certainly approach the canvas of you home with the same vigour.

  1. Leonardo Di Vinci. The painter of one of the most famous portraits ever, the Mona Lisa. We have no idea who the model was in the  Mona Lisa and Leonardo never makes it clear either. He was also responsible  for the painting of the last supper which uses an optical illusion to make it seem the room is in 3D.

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  1.  Vincent Van Gogh. Unlike Leonardo he was never recognised in his lifetime for his genius. Van Gogh was a man who got colours and he used them expressively unlike the more muted impressionists at the time. He’s inability to be recognised sent him into fits of depression and madness. His tragedy was that now he is lauded as being brillant and the founder of modern art.

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  1. JMW Turner. It’s not every artist that is prepared to lash themselves to a ship’s mast and get the captain to sail them out into a storm but that is what Turner did. He wanted to better understand the movement of the waves and to feel the spray of the seawater on his face.


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