Buying a New Build Home

Newly built homes are something that many people want when they are searching for their perfect home. There are lots of reasons why people might opt for a new build property rather than an older one. These are a few reasons why newly built homes are so appealing…

They are ready to move into – A big attraction of buying a new build is the fact that you don’t need to do anything to modernise them or repair them – they are ready to move into and start living in.

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They come with a guarantee – When you have a new build property, they will come with a warranty from the building company that means if anything should go wrong within a certain time period, it will be fixed by them at no cost to you.

Shared ownership is a possibility – Getting on the housing ladder can be hard, but shared ownership makes it more accessible. Many new homes have the option for shared ownership which can make owning a home a reality and help you get onto the property ladder.

Of course, new build homes and the process of buying one can differ from buying a home that has already been lived in via an estate agent. There are also things to be aware of when moving into a new build property, to ensure that you get off to the best start. These are some of those things…

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Check that the address is listed – The new home needs to be registered as an address, and this is the responsibility of the builder. Check with the council that the address has been registered and that you have a postcode for the property.

Get television and internet installed – Many newly built homes need to have a new television aerial installed. They may be built with some of the cabling included but not necessarily all of it, so arrange to have a professional like this TV aerial installation Stroud based company come over to do this for you. Arrange both this and the internet installation before you move in.

Be aware of the drying out process – Because your new home has just been completed, it needs to go through a drying out process. Things are just settling, and strange things that are actually quite normal at this point could go on in the property. You might notice condensation for example, which is a result of this, so keep windows open if you can, and use extractor fans to remove the condensation.

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