Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Pressures in the property market have caused a dramatic increase in the number of those electing to modify their current property rather than move to new premises. Prices in many parts of the country are prohibitively steep, and there are supply issues just about everywhere. Extending or remodelling your home or business premises can seem to be a practical and affordable alternative, creating more space and a potentially more valuable property while avoiding the inconvenience and many of the expenses of moving. Nowhere is this a more attractive solution than in the South East of England, and many will find themselves looking for a Buckingham chartered architect.

to sell or stay in your house

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How Do I Go About Modifying My Property?

The critical thing is to spend time seriously evaluating your property needs now and for the reasonably foreseeable future. For example, if you are hoping to expand your family, is an extension likely to provide adequate extra space? Likewise, can you realistically fund your proposed changes? For many people, this will involve a consultation with a bank, and you should arrange this before committing to any significant work.

As the BBC points out, it is equally vital to research your local property market and establish whether an extension or building modification is likely to have a positive impact on its value. While increased space often translates into higher property values, this is not universally the case, and you should seek advice from local property experts before embarking on what may be an expensive mistake.

What Next?

Having decided that changing your current property is the right decision for you and your family, your next step should always be to consult an experienced chartered architect. They will evaluate your home and its idiosyncrasies and your needs, tastes, budget and the local area and any planning permission issues before developing sympathetic plans to accommodate all these factors. Ragazinno chartered architect in Buckingham is uniquely placed to help with the intelligent and imaginative remodelling of your home, having been involved in many ambitious local projects.

When done well, an extension can enhance your quality of life and happiness. The Guardian recently carried the story of a young couple who successfully remodelled their property in London.

Consulting the right professionals can make this type of outcome infinitely more probable.

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