Six must-have pieces for your holiday wardrobe

Spring may have just arrived but plenty of us are already thinking about our summer holidays. Whether you are dreaming of jetting off to exotic climes or planning a break in the UK, you will need a holiday wardrobe that enables you to pack light but leaves you prepared for any situation, rain or shine. To help you on your way, let’s look at six must-have pieces for your holiday wardrobe.

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1. White T-shirt

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You really can’t go wrong with a white T-shirt, as it is simple, stylish and comes in a variety of styles to suit your mood. During the day, it goes with shorts, jeans or skirts; during the evening, you can dress it up with jewellery or a jacket.

2. Wide-leg trousers

One style a white T-shirt looks really good with is wide-leg trousers. Linen is a great fabric if you are in a hot climate, as it keeps you cool.

3. Summer dresses

Dresses can also keep you cool, especially those with a looser, longer fit. A maxi dress from a retailer such as is a perfect example. As an added benefit, maxi dresses are great day to evening dresses, transformed by a splash of colour on your lips or a statement necklace.

4. Comfortable sandals

Whether you are walking through town or down to the pool, a comfy pair of sandals makes all the difference. This year’s trend is for sandals with straps you can barely see. If you go for these, make sure they fit well to avoid rubbing. Alternatively, you could opt for summer’s other sandal trend – square toes.

5. Cover-ups

Once you have walked to the pool or the beach, a cover-up is a must-have. If there is a chill in the air, it can keep you comfortable until the sun comes out or protect you from the same sun if there is not a cloud in the sky. The nice thing about cover-ups is that they are light, so you can throw one in your beach bag without being weighed down.

6. Hats

While cover-ups protect your body, hats protect your head and face from too much sun. The sun can do the same amount of damage whether you are lounging by the pool or strolling the city streets, so always wear one.


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