What Are the Benefits of On-Site Shredding Services?

Shredding paper takes time. It also takes up a lot of room and requires environmentally friendly and effective disposal. Despite pledges from businesses to go paperless both locally and globally, we still generate a lot of paper.

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Businesses tend to produce hard copies of invoices, receipts, employee information and certification, to name but a few.

Be GDPR Compliant

Since the introduction of the new stringent European data protection rules, (GDPR), it is essential that businesses dispose of confidential data in relation to both their own employees and customers in a secure way. Under the new GDPR rules, a company should not keep hold of confidential information without the consent of the person it concerns. Keeping confidential customer information in full view of the office and any visitors could be considered a contravention of these rules.

Disposing of confidential information must be done professionally and regularly, which is why hiring the services of a confidential shredding service such as https://www.printwaste.co.uk/ makes good business sense.

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Professional shredding services not only ensure that your information is disposed of fully but also provides on-site shredding so that you can guarantee that your confidential documents are not being stored anywhere that could be potentially accessed or compromised.

Even the government has to ensure that it is not holding information unnecessarily. The HMRC have a retention policy on their site which outlines exactly which information they are allowed to keep, for how long and for what purpose.

Every company should be aware of Article 5(1) (e) of the GDPR requirements, which explicitly states that data should not be kept for any longer than necessary and without good reason. Any company or organisation storing either business or individual customer and personal data must justify the reasons for doing so.

Shred Your Paper On-Site and Know That It Is All in Hand

If you use a professional on-site shredding service, then you can be assured that there is no possibility of your documents being taken off the premises or looked at by unauthorised personnel. Any data in your possession is your responsibility and is under your safe-keeping – you are responsible for what happens to it. Any business failing to adhere to the principles of GDPR could be fined thousands of pounds.

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