Does the time of year make a difference?

When it comes to buying and selling a house it is a common view that more houses are sold during the Spring and Summer months but is this actually the case?

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Well it would seem that it is partially true. A recent article by The Advisory which is an independent advice company for those selling their houses, noted that August is actually just as bad a time of year to try and sell your house as December and January. But the Spring and early summer months of March to June are the best time to put your house up for sale. So, make sure you have the contact details of your house removal Tewkesbury firm like on speed dial from March onwards.

It is important to remember that this is a very generic view and you should research your local area and enlist the help of a trusted Estate Agent that knows the area and its buying and selling history really well. The article went on to state that during October and November it could take around ’79 days to sell’ a property, whereas in March it takes around ’57 days to sell’. Of course, this does not take into consideration the type of property, its condition, location and asking price. Just like any other product one of the elements of a quick successful sale is there being an increase in demand for the type of house you are selling in the location you are in with very few other people selling similar houses at the same time. It is a simple supply and demand equation.

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Another factor to take into consideration is the type of property you are selling. If you are selling a flat, bungalow or small two bed room property then the likelihood is you will be attracting either first time buyers, young couples or retired couples and these are the sorts of people who aren’t constrained by the time of year they may be looking at properties or looking to move to a new house. However, traditional owners of three and four bedroomed properties are likely to have children around school age and so their house viewing capabilities are probably going to be looking at properties and looking to move to a new house during term time so as to make the move as easy and stress free as possible without having children to entertain along the way.

So, whatever time of year you are looking to buy or sell a property make sure you have the right, experienced Estate Agent on board.

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