Why you should look after your alloys

We all have moments where we cringe at the sound of our alloys scratching the side of the curb. With your fingers crossed (and hoping it was not as bad as it sounds) you see the damage … but it does not look good. After getting a little upset yourself, it makes you think: that the pavement came out of nowhere! But it also makes you wonder why the alloy apparently damaged so easily?

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Well, that’s down to the fact that alloy wheels are made to be softer for a more dynamic ride and to cool your brakes. They are made of aluminium and not steel and they are flexible to bend around corners, which allows you to make manoeuvres much more easily, as well as braking – and remember they also make your car look great!

It’s not all about looks

Alloy wheels have an aesthetic quality that make your car look highly stylish (making it even worse when you do end up scratching them) And if you want to sell your vehicle, it can put many buyers off. Why? Because they see it as another burden they would have to pay for as well as a new car. So, if you are thinking about selling your car that has scraped alloy, you may want to get them repaired. At least to make them more attractive to potential buyers.

Ignoring your wheels can leave you with more problems and is more damaging than just affecting your car’s image. If they are not cleaned or inspected regularly then brake dust and erosion can build. The danger from this could result in a loss of control of a vehicle and if corrosion has got inside your tyres, there is an increased risk of deflation.

What you need to look out for?

Scratching your alloys on a pavement might not be too damaging to the overall feel of your driving. However, it does make your car look like a banger. Driving over a deep hole on the other hand, can cause your alloy to crack, break or bend wheels out of alignment, so that new tyres should be fitted.

Although, you do not have to just wait until you have a run in with the edge of the road before getting your alloys examined. If you haven’t had your wheels checked in a few years, it might be better to get them looked at by an expert. Even a simple wash of your alloys in the sunshine when your car is warm can result in cracks! For Alloy Wheel Repair Bradford, visit a site like https://www.phat-wheels.co.uk/

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The benefits of using an expert?

Just the knowledge that a professional has fixed your car can make you feel comfortable. You can sit back and relax, knowing that your car will be repaired in a short time.

By using specialist alloy professionals, you can guarantee that you get the best treatment – whether that means a quick touch up or new wheels. So, even if they look new, they also feel newer for a smoother, but most importantly, safer drive.


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