Using the Stars to Guide your Way at Sea

Sailing is a popular pastime, and it is something that is a huge part of the history of the UK. Being an island nation, the people of Britain have long been setting sail on the seas, and whether doing so to fish in the waters for food or setting out to explore more of the world, sailing is as popular as ever, and courses like this day skipper course enable people to get to grips and gain the knowledge needed to confidently sail.

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Nowadays we have the benefit of all of the technology that we need, and this means that sailing is a much safer pastime than it was for our ancestors. With modern navigation and weather forecasting tools it is much easier to tell what is going on out at sea and to make decisions based on this.

However, an art that sailors once always used is still well worth learning, and that is navigation using the stars. Once upon a time this was the only really good way of getting an idea of where you were and where you were headed, and having this skill will allow you to know this if you have a technological fault.

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As well as being able to navigate, getting to know the locations of the stars in the night sky can also give you an interest in astronomy and the wonders of the universe. Many people who learn about star navigation want to learn more about the cosmos.

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