Why we need vaccines

Viruses are enveloped particles of infectious agents that cause infection. They can be in the form of a protein, virus, DNA or genetic construct. When the natural immunity of our body is compromised, natural cellular defense goes into action to combat the intruder and to protect our body from infection by the same microorganism. When a virus is serious enough, our immune system might need some help with a pre-warning system in the form of a vaccine.

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Every time someone becomes infected with a virus, it triggers the immune system to fight it. But if we fail to provide our body with adequate amounts of necessary nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, the normal functions of the immune system are impaired causing immunity to wane. This allows viruses to multiply at faster rates and thus causing infections. Scientists have developed vaccines to help protect us from various diseases. Ongoing medical trials always need new healthy volunteers. For Paid Research Studies, visit Trials 4 Us

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The process begins when vaccines are produced. These viruses are targeted to stimulate the body’s natural immunity system to fight off the invading virus. Once produced, they are injected into the body of individuals. Thus when there is an outbreak of a new virus, the immunity level of the community is down thus creating an opportunity for the infected individuals to catch the virus and transmit it to other uninfected individuals before the epidemic is over. This is why vaccines are so important for boosting herd immunity.

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