Smart or Traditional Locks?

When it comes to protecting your loved ones and possessions, a solid and dependable lock is the most effective tool. So, as we travel further into the digital era and surround ourselves with the ‘internet of things’, do we choose a smart lock or a traditional-style lock?

A Traditional Lock

This refers to the locks we’ve always seen on doors, such as mortice, yale and euro locks. These locks have been around for a long time, are the most common and are probably what you have on your doors at home right now. They require a real, physical key to open them.

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A Smart Lock

These locks are controlled via a smartphone or a small fob-type device. They work using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to unlock the door and not a physical key.

Which one is more secure?

The main concern with smart locks is that anything connected to the internet has the potential to be hacked. This is one major flaw for anyone who installs a smart lock.

It’s a little harder to judge traditional locks in terms of security because there are so many different varieties. Looking at the most common types, they are still susceptible to break-in just as with a smart lock as they are vulnerable to lock-picking.

A determined and experienced burglar can snap a lock in just a few seconds. This is true of both euro and mortice locks. It is possible to purchase traditional locks that are both anti-pick and anti-snap.

So, the decision that needs to be made is whether your lock is more susceptible to hacking or picking. Most burglaries are a crime of spontaneous opportunity and it’s unlikely that a burglar would plan ahead to hack your smart lock. Of course, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can fail so you might inadvertently be leaving your home vulnerable.

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There are pros and cons for either type of lock and comparing them on security might not be the best way to decide. For sheer convenience, the smart lock wins hands down. You can let someone into your home without physically having to be there, which can be a life-saver if you have children who regularly misplace their keys! People are rarely, if ever, without their smartphones so you’ll never be locked out. If you get locked out with a traditional lock, you’ll need a Locksmith Sheffield from

With a traditional lock, if you want to let someone in, you either have to be there yourself or risk leaving a key where it be discovered, such as under a mat. If you lose your key, you’ll be locked out. However, if your phone runs out of battery or there’s a problem with your Bluetooth or internet connection, you could also find yourself locked out!

As you can see, there are about as many pros and cons for both smart and traditional locks. You’ll need to go with your gut on which one is the best lock to suit your needs.

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