Why Are Some People Sending Their Elderly Parents to Thailand?


One of the biggest issues facing the care industry is the cost for services. With very few local authority care homes available, many people requiring care are having to look abroad to places such as Thailand.

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Local authorities who are required to care for those living in their area do so by means-testing. Those with assets worth less than £23,250 qualify to have their care paid for and provided by the council. However, those who don’t qualify have to pay, and often at a much higher rate. As a result, companies running care homes open them in wealthier areas, believing they will be able to attract residents who can afford the care they provide.

There are many ways elderly people can stay fit and healthy, including eating a healthy diet and exercising. For those who are no longer able to walk for long periods, chair-based workouts are being enjoyed which help with balance, strength and stability.

For those requiring care, another option for them and their families is to consider employing live in carers. This means the person can stay in their own home and be in familiar surroundings. You can visit liveincare.com for more information on live in carers.

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Quality of Care

A recent report states that although there are no legal requirements for resident-to-staff ratios in UK care homes, on average it is six residents to every one staff member. For those requiring specialist care this ratio can seriously affect the quality of the care – an issue which is often highlighted in the media.

In Thailand, the staff ratio is typically one to one and the costs much less. However, although it is easy to understand why some may consider this option, it shouldn’t be underestimated how much of an upheaval a move like this is could be for a person and their family. If the person requiring care has dementia or some other form of illness which means they are unable to make independent decisions, there will be additional legal requirements before they would be allowed to move abroad.

Care for the elderly has long been a subject for debate in the UK, and with a population which is living longer than ever before, it is an issue which many of us will have to face.


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