Why Everything in the World Is Moving Online

The internet has only been around for a relatively short amount of time, but it’s managed to become an almost essential part of our lives. It has become far more than just a source of information, as we now carry out many of our day-to-day tasks via the web.

Why Everything in the World Is Moving Online

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In fact, we’re fast reaching the stage where if you’re not online you could well be missing out on some valuable opportunities. But what has driven this shift towards an online world and where is it headed in future?

How We Took to the Web

For the first decade or so of its existence, the internet was something of a niche activity. Email may have changed the way we communicate, but the web hadn’t really taken off. It was limited by the fact the only way to connect for most people was via a slow and unreliable dial-up connection. This meant that graphics were slow to load and downloading anything sizeable took forever.

All of that changed with the availability of broadband services. For the first time, people were able to unlock the full potential of the internet as a source of entertainment as well as a means of finding information and communicating with others.

Faster connections meant it was possible to exchange pictures and videos, and businesses began to exploit the potential of selling their goods and services online. With the arrival of broadband, things such as banking and shopping on the internet became much more viable.

Even smaller businesses began to see the need for an online presence, leading to a boom in website design in Manchester and elsewhere.

Above Us the Clouds

Fast, reliable internet connectivity has also meant a shift in the way IT services are delivered. We’re increasingly seeing a move to the cloud for storing data but also to provide business services. This is an attractive option for enterprises for many reasons. It reduces the need for investment in infrastructure, and shifts the day-to-day operational tasks such as back-ups elsewhere. It also better serves mobile workforces, enabling them to access company systems from anywhere.

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The Online Future

But the process of moving online has only just begun. New technologies in smart devices will mean even more information appearing on the internet, perhaps without our realising that it’s actually happening.

The Internet of Things will mean that many of our household appliances, cars and even clothes will be able to upload data to the web. This will open up a new era in monitoring and controlling our homes, our health and more.

Of course, there are concerns about how all of this will work, how the fabric of the net will cope with extra traffic and how much of our privacy we’ll sacrifice by allowing our data to be shared. But whatever happens, we can be sure that however influential we think the internet is now, the online revolution has only just begun.

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