Hair Loss and a Receding Hairline – Is There a Cure?

A receding hairline can begin to develop at several different ages in many instances. In most cases, alopecia, or hair loss, is treated with medication or surgery. However, women are much more prone to having receding hairlines than men. Receding hairlines occur because the individual follicles of the hair have become weak and/or shorter. This often occurs when an individual experiences stress within their life. Hair loss in women can also be caused by hormonal changes within the body.

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Although women are more prone to the appearance of a receding hairline, it is not uncommon for men to experience the same condition. The most common cause of men developing a thinning hairline is clogged pores. When sebum, the skin’s natural lubricant, is blocked up in a man’s scalp, it can become thick and sticky, making it difficult for hair to properly drain. Dandruff is also a common cause of hair loss due to its inability to shed. When a person’s scalp is unable to shed dandruff, it remains attached to the hair causing clogging and eventually leading to the development of a receding hairline and baldness.

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There are several ways to treat a receding hairline or hair loss due to hormonal changes. The treatment options that are available to a person depend on how far along the condition has progressed. If a person is looking for a way to improve the aesthetic look of the hair loss they can have a Scalp Micropigmentation from professional companies like His Hair Clinic that will help to improve the appearance of the hair.

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