Millennial Generation Is Faithful or unfaithful to brands?

Millennials loyalty depends on the benefits that the brand offers. This is the main conclusion from the Report published by Bond Brand loyalty Lolalty.

According to data from this study, 6 out of 10 consumers of this generation would not balk when switching brands, in order to benefit from greater advantages.

However, it is important to clarify that the brand has to do everything in his power to win customers. 2 out of 3 respondents recognized that it is more likely to fall in love with the brand, which your program.

Teamwork conceptOn the opposite side, incentives conquer the rest. 29% of these Millennials admit that they would become part of any loyalty program, unless the brand have a very good incentive plan. The economic advantages, in all its forms, are the main attraction to retain these customers.

This position is particularly acute among customers up to 35 years, belonging to the Millennial generation. With notable differences from customers 45 and older, also known as Boomers.

This coincides with the data provided in March by Adroit Digital, where he highlighted that young people are increasingly loyal to those services and products that really deserve your trust. According to this study, users follow brands, hoping to stay informed on the activities of the company (40%), learn about new products and services (50%), promotions and keep in touch with the brand (25%) .

Cuesta earn loyalty Millennials but once achieved, its degree of commitment to the brand is superior to other customers. 57% admit that maintains an active and ongoing relationship with their brands.

The study showed a higher degree of brand recognition in their social actions as well as a special assessment regarding the non-economic benefits related to the loyalty program. Thus, especially they appreciate having the opportunity to share their experiences with other members of the loyalty program, or get some recognition in the community.

For them it is also essential that the company maintains with them a constant flow of communication, and work to maintain their level of interest in the brand.

Furthermore, it is important to be able to easily connect with brands. It may be added that are active mobile users, most likely than others to use the brand through these devices.

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