What do you look for in a bathroom?

It might be time to sort out that bathroom don’t you think. Its easy to put it off but you have to admit that it’s one part of the house that you need to keep looking nice especially when you consider how long we spend in there. A Bathroom Renovations Dublin based company like http://www.bathroomrenovationsdublin.ie/ are able to come and sort this out for you but we don’t we take a few moments to see what’s out there in terms of trends. You might have a very clear idea on the subject but its worth looking at some professional jobs that have been done and what the current fashion is.

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  1. The name is Blue, Indigo Blue. It’s becoming the dominate colour for bathrooms at the moment. Although its quite a cold colour it is meant to convey the sense of the sea and a maritime look that is becoming extremely popular. Its quite a bold colour to have in the bathroom but it certainly makes and impact and is very restful on the eye of colour specialists are to be believed.
  2. Actually, whilst we’re on the subject of bold colours if you don’t decide to go down the blue route then why not stick with the bold idea but pick a colour of your own. Light browns and pastels are out and the vivid full on colour that catches the eye is total where it’s at.
  3. The Heritage look. Its always a good idea to go back for inspiration and that’s what a lot of current designers have done. They have come up with the very tradition al look of the Victorian era. Expect to see a lot of ceramics and brassware here.

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  1. Getting a Sunken Bath. Who remembers the time when the sunken bath was the most sought-after feature in the bathroom. Its making a big comeback and some are seen as being a major feature by being stuck in the middle of the bathroom with a built up plinth to really make a statement.
  2. Finally, his and hers shower units. It’s not like you can take when together is it? Well you can but sometimes its nice to be able to move around a bit and have a conversation without getting in each other’s way. It means there are no arguments about what shower soap your using.

Hopefully that’s given you some food for thought about which way to go.

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