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Qroom is a small project that started this year. Created by Argentines Rodrigo Gutierrez, Emiliano Suarez, Agustín Ciccioli and Julián Ciccioli seeks to be one of the simplest ways to listen to music at random without having to worry about more. You do not have to install anything, you do not have to register and the favorite part of many: you do not have to pay.

It is a minimalist website in which all you have to do is write the name of an artist or a song and choose the result that you like to start listening. There are no limits and choosing the name of a band results in an almost endless playlist .

How does it work?

It is easy to believe that something so good and that does not cost anything can not be true. The reason why Qroom exists and can offer what it offers is because it uses the YouTube API , meaning that the whole music catalog of the site comes from there. For that reason every time a song is played you will see the video in the background, otherwise they would not be complying with the YouTube rules.

Qroom has also been improving a lot over time, before offering only one search drawer and little more than basic playback options. Now you have a complete player, with recommendations, music genres, playlists, search engine , etc.

The only thing we recommend is not to use it from Firefox, because at least in our tests, the playback in the Mozilla browser has many problems, while in others, Chrome works perfectly.

Finally, a warning. If you use any extension for YouTube that manages video playback in some way, Qroom may have problems in your browser. If you see that it does not start any song, try temporarily disabling any plugin related to YouTube that you have installed.

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