Filly press: The exercise that can complete your shoulder training

Looking at Instagram on different topics and movements of functional training I found a novel exercise that allows us to complete the shoulder work that we usually do traditionally, it is the Filly press and then we show you how you can do it.

What is the Filly press?

The Filly press owes its name to the crossfitter Marcus Filly and is a variant of the military press in one hand . It can be performed standing, sitting on a bench or other element as well as kneeling.

The movement requires for its execution a dumbbell and a kettlebell or kettlebell , the latter we will place it in one hand, and by flexing the elbow we will support it on the clavicle by the front of the torso, also trying to attach the forearm to the body.

In the other hand we will take a dumbbell and with the flexed elbow we will stick it to the torso in front of it, placing the hand in such a way that his palm looked inwards or towards the shoulder.

Holding the kettlebell motionless and trying not to move the trunk or any other part of the body, raise the dumbbell over the head extending the arm and rotating the wrist at the end of the tour so that the palm of the hand is facing outward or in front of US. We return this arm to the initial position and repeat as many times as necessary before changing sides.

In the following video you can see its correct execution technique :

The advantages of including Filly press

Although it is not an exercise that can be performed in isolation but only serves to complete the work of shoulders in a routine where the muscles of the area were already demanded, its practice could offer us great advantages .

Like all exercises that include thrust or press the Filly press allows a great development of the strength especially of the deltoids , but also favors the gain of scapular stability by having to hold a firm weight while there is movement on the opposite side.

On the other hand, it includes rotation movements that improve joint mobilityand also, involves the contraction of stabilizing muscles as well as requires a greater effort of the muscles of the shoulders to hold a position and mobilize one side while the other remains motionless.

If you want an exercise that completes your shoulder training, the Filly press can be a great help.

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