Now you can buy video games directly from Twitch and receive some prizes in exchange

At the end of February, Twitch confirmed one of its new strategies to boost its platform, start selling video games and share revenues with streamers. And now, it’s finally possible to do so, and when you’re watching a video game broadcast that’s available on Twitch you’ll have the option to buy it directly from your favorite streamer’s channel.

The other interesting news is that Twitch has also created a reward system to motivate users to make purchases within its streaming platform: the Twitch Crates . When you buy a game or items within a game that cost more than $ 4.99 you will win one of these “crates” or boxes.

Although they are just starting with a library of about 50 video games, Twitch promises to continue adding new games over time. You can buy complete games or additional content through Twitch. Some of the featured titles include: For Honor, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, The Walking Dead, Minecraft: Story Mode, Firewatch, and Warframe.

The Twitch Crates include rewards randomly generated, as emoticons, emblems or bits to Cheering. When you receive a Twitch Crate and to celebrate the launch, you will also be participating for other prizes .

From now until the beginning of May, every time you make a purchase that qualifies for a Crate, you will receive an invitation with which you will participate for gaming and streaming products. There will be four weekly deliveries and there will be a prize of more than 500 dollars in professional equipment to make streaming.

Besides being good news for users, it is good news for streamers, who will receive 5% of the profits generated by purchases made from their channel. Maybe this time if a true competitor for Steam is being born in the world of the video game market for PC.

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