Lively Lake Kivu: An Increasingly Popular Rwandan Tourist Attraction

Lake Kivu is a freshwater body that sits between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This lake is a tourist attraction due to its beauty and neighbouring wildlife.

One of the best things about the lake is that there are no hippos, so swimming is perfectly safe. Lake Kivu is the 6th largest lake in Africa, and this exciting natural wonder is becoming an important tourist attraction for the area with many activities available.

Lively Lake Kivu

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One of the most popular attractions of Lake Kivu are the water cruises. These cruises take tourists on either long or short trips to see nearby islands, such as the Napoleon and Amahoro island. Another popular waterside trip is to the island of Nyamirundi, where coffee is grown and processed. Visitors can learn all about the coffee-growing industry, and there is also a banana plantation.

Water Sports

This area is close to the water, which means it has a large variety of water sports available, such as swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, water skiing, fishing and speed boating. Swimmers can enjoy the cool temperature and safe waters of the lake. There are also wonderful beaches that are perfect for relaxing after an invigorating swim.

Nature lovers can also enjoy Lake Kivu and the surrounding area, with many people coming to this area of Africa for a gorilla trekking holiday. These safaris are offered by companies such as, giving people the chance to see the creatures in their natural habitat. A helpful article in the Guardian explores the safari tours from the point of view of a tour guide who leads safaris across Rwanda, Congo and Uganda.

Gorilla Trekking

Some of the activities available for animal lovers include lowland and mountain gorilla tracking expeditions. These holidays allow visitors to view the amazing gorillas in the national parks and forests. The holidays also provide the chance to see nearby cities, such as Kigali in Rwanda, Kampala in Uganda, and Bukavu in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Nature lovers, sports enthusiasts and explorers will all find an activity to enjoy at Lake Kivu and its neighbouring cities, islands and national parks. Lake Kivu has three main towns: Gisenyi, Kibuye and Cyangugu. These have beautiful wildlife, landscape and numerous hotel options, making them ideal places to stay to explore Lake Kivu and all of its attractions.

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