Some foods rich in protein to gain muscle mass

On countless occasions we have seen that in order to achieve correct muscle growth it is necessary that we consume foods rich in proteins. The proteins will help us to recover the state of the muscles after intense training, as well as being the fundamental food of these to grow and be in perfect shape. But in theory we all know that the purpose of proteins is this, although in most cases we are not so clear about which foods are the most protein rich.

To help you a little more when it comes to choosing an adequate diet for our muscles what we want to do with this post is a list of everyday foods that more protein will provide us. The ideal is to know how to combine them in the right way to achieve the best results. In the long run, a correct diet will end up being noticed, because it will help us to perform more and be able to achieve better results.

The meats

First of all, we will start with meat, which is the protein-rich food par excellence. Among them we will highlight the chicken breast that contains very little fat and high amounts of protein, specifically 22% of its composition are proteins. The same thing happens with turkey breast, since it also contains little fat and a little more protein, specifically 29% of its composition. Veal meat must also be taken into account, since it contains 30% protein, as well as serrano ham, which gives us 28% protein.

The fishes

In the case of fish we will highlight salmon, which will provide omega-3 fatty acids among other things, but 21% of its composition is worth mentioning, which is pure high quality protein. Natural tuna is also another fish that will provide 23% protein. Hake is also another type of fish that will provide less fat and 12% of its composition will be high quality protein.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds also provide us with high amounts of vegetable proteins, which is why their nutritional value is highly valued. We are going to highlight almonds in this group, specifically they will contribute 19% of their protein composition. Soy is another food to consider, because it will provide 13% of protein. White beans are another food to consider, because it gives us 21% protein in its composition. Lentils also provide 23% protein.

Other foods rich in proteins

Other foods to consider for their high protein intake are eggs, which provide 13% of protein. Yogurt is another food that for people who can tolerate it will be an important source of protein, specifically 6% of its composition. The same happens with cheese, which gives us around 30% of its protein content. Of course, it is more advisable to opt for less fatty cheeses such as goat cheese or fresh cheese.

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