“Shut Down Windows 10” is a tool to disable the most annoying system functions

As nothing is perfect, despite the good things, Windows 10 has had a lot of telita to cut in terms of annoying functions, especially on the side of privacy. There are many features of the operating system that are designed to track every movement of the user and although in many cases its purpose is to improve the user experience with more intelligent functions, you can not criticize those who do not find it ideal and Want to take back control over what Windows does or does not do.

Windows 10 has practically generated the creation of a new niche software that is dedicated exclusively to offer simple solutions and everything in one to improve our privacy when using the system. We recently talked about Fix Windows 10 Privacy, and this time we talked about ShutUp10, a portable application to get rid of everything you do not like Windows 10.

O & O ShutUp10 is an “anti-spyware” tool for Windows 10 completely free and portable, that is, you do not have to install it on your computer and you can take it on a USB stick or any type of removable media and run it on several PCs.

Its interface is extremely simple and does not apply any adjustment automatically. It lets you decide exactly which functions you want to keep active and which ones you want to stop. Yes, they are all settings that can be modified using the same Windows, but oh my God! Manually it takes forever, not counting all that you have no idea that Windows does and therefore do not bother to check.

ShutUp10 organizes functions that you can deactivate in several categories : Security, Windows Defender, Microsoft SpyNet, Privacy, Microsoft Edge, Windows Settings Synchronization, Cortana, Location Services, User Behavior, Windows Update, Screen Lock, and Misc.

The display shows the active functions in red and the ones that you have already disabled . If an exclamation mark appears next to a feature, it is recommended not to deactivate it if you want to continue enjoying certain functions, such as synchronizing with OneDrive. If you see a check mark in green, it is recommended to turn them off, and the yellow triangle is an intermediate recommendation.

These indicators also serve for the quick actions you have in the top menu. From there you can decide to apply all the recommended settings, or simply disable everything in a click if you want. You can also reverse the changes in a single second. You have the option to export and import your settings, in case you want to apply exactly the same settings to another computer.

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