Physical, some reasons to practice yoga (including sex)

Born in India as “philosophy” can excite both the physical and spirit, yoga – whose origins have been lost over the centuries – has the merit to act in terms of benefits to our body and our mind. The practice of asanas, yoga positions, such as the eagle, frog, or tree, if carried out properly and free from thoughts that plague the daily lives of all of us, take our spirit in a “different dimension” that we will overcome any doubts or concerns that you might still have against this ancient discipline. Here, let us see some reasons (obviously benefits) to practice…

Physical, some reasons to practice yoga

  1. Improve sports performance– Practicing yoga consistently, and assist with other competitive sports – why not, bodybuilding – it can be useful to improve the flexibility of our body. In many over the years, they have “fought” to number yoga among Olympic sports. It was wrong because this discipline would be devalued by a factor, his spiritual side.
  2. Reconciling sleep– Yoga involves performing special relaxation exercises, including breathing, which can help the body when sleeping. In the case of sleeping problems, many think that practicing yoga before going to bed (or even in the middle of the night) will help to induce sleep.
  3. To improve the sex life– an argument that, of course, will affect the many. Yes, thanks to yoga, in addition to purchasing more flexibility of movement, we can gain awareness of our body, to love each other as “entity body”, and to be more prepared to the meeting with your partner sexually. According to a study developed at Harvard, it found that 75% of women who practice yoga have orgasms more enjoyable, while, as far as the boys, this discipline would fight premature ejaculation.
  4. Slowing down the aging– Yoga, especially as regards the positions less difficult, can also be practiced with the advance of age (compared to the common physical activity). Apparently – and we hope it is true – who regularly practice this ancient discipline, he gets to show nine years younger than your biological age.
  5. Fighting back pain– For those suffering from back pain (and we, in this case, we act as an example), yoga helps reduce muscle pain. Many exercises are used, in fact, is to improve mobility is the elasticity of the spine, and reduce the accumulated tension in hiring daily awkward positions.
  6. Improving fertility– It may seem paradoxical, but some studies have revealed that about practicing yoga helps to improve their fertility. In fact, there are special courses for all men and women who are ready to take the plunge, and “conceive” a real discipline of torque, which has the benefit of strengthening the relationship, both physical and spiritual.

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