What is a Firewall?

Many people are not aware of what a firewall is, so let’s make it simple. In computer terms, a firewall is a specialised network protection device that watches and controls outgoing and incoming network traffic according to predetermined security criteria. Basically, a firewall separates an untrusted remote server from a trusted local server, like your home network. A firewall also can block or limit certain applications from accessing the internet, depending on set policy.

In recent years, the demand for high-speed internet connection has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, it has also increased the risk of attack from hackers who try to break into high-speed connections. For this reason, new requirements have been placed on many networks that are considered to be safe havens by network administrators. As a result, a high-speed internet connection is not always provided by ISPs for obvious reasons. One way around this is to install a firewall between the internal network (home) and the internet itself. Firewalls help prevent hackers and other attacks from reaching your home network and the Internet at large. Find out more about Cyber Liability Insurance, visit JMP Cyber

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Firewalls are either built into a computer system as part of the manufacturer’s installation process or can be installed with software on a computer. Internal firewalls are more common than external firewalls, as they are usually installed by the user in his/her computer system. An external firewall may be installed with the use of third-party software and can either be built into the computer or can be installed with removable software.

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