Neither Resumes nor LinkedIn, Facebook wants your next job to find it on your social network

You start to make room for LinkedIn and all those applications that are advertised to help you find a job, because Facebook has decided that it also wants you to be able to do that in your social network. The tests started in November, and they seem to be so satisfied that the functionality was released last night in the United States.

As we read in the official announcement published by Facebook, from now on the business pages of the United States and Canada will have a new section to create job offers with which to find new employees. The characteristic is directed, they say, mainly to enhance the possibilities of small and medium enterprises.

Looking for work through Facebook

As we see, the process of creating a job offer is simple and flexible. Then, once the job offer is configured, when a user visits the page of the company that has it available you will see an indication that they are looking for employees, and you can apply only with the push of a button .

In addition to this feature, Facebook has also created its own portal “lo lo info jobs” called Facebook Careers, which will index all the jobs that are created by companies from the social network. In this way, anyone can find these offers by searching for a specific term or by choosing the city in which they want to find it.

Currently the portal already has the offers in which Facebook itself seeks people, but will gradually introduce the rest. Once you have found a place on the page, you will only have to click the Apply button and fill out a form with our data and skills to be considered.

For now, the ability to create jobs on Facebook business pages has been released only for companies in the United States and Canada . At the moment the social network has not talked about taking it to more countries, but it is to be expected that if the feature gets settled in these two, it will eventually make the leap to Europe.

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