You already have a multiplatform desktop app for Instagram direct messaging

With Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp the company led by Marck Zuckerberg has the largest instant messaging platforms in the world. But, we must not leave aside the side of Instagram, which besides being one of the largest social networks with 700 million active users per month, also offers this function thanks to its direct messages.

Some months ago Instagram Direct reached 375 million monthly users, but unlike Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, we do not have a special messaging app for the desktop. In the absence of an official, here is IG: dm Messenger.

IG: dm is a free and open source application that you can use in Windows, Linux and macOS. It is made in Electron and is quite simple but efficient.

While in Windows 10 you have the official Instagram app, in macOS and in Linux you do not have anything similar. In addition to that the app for Windows 10 is not exactly designed for the desktop and you notice in the interface.

IG: dm organizes all your private conversations in one place and offers you a couple of additional features apart from the exchange of messages. You can search for users to send messages, and you can also see a list of all the people you follow on Instagram and who do not follow you.

This is useful so that you have a clearer idea about the visibility that your direct messages will have for that user , because when someone does not follow you, your messages arrive as a request and not directly to the Instagram tray of mutual friends.

The multimedia content, which is obviously an elementary part of Instagram, can be previewed within the app, but you can also quote messages from other users in the conversations , insert emoji, and search accounts from the side panel.

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