Spotify and Waze come together to play music and surf together

Driving and listening to music are two activities that go hand in hand. Since drivers use their smartphone to navigate and put their favorite songs, why not join the two? That’s what the people in charge of Waze and Spotify have thought to associate, according to TechCrunch.

What does this association mean? Now you can use the navigation functions of Waze from Spotify, and access playlists of the streaming service from the social GPS. In addition, you can browse the playlists and change from one application to the other when your vehicle is stopped.

The association of both applications is certainly surprising . Why? Basically because Google is the owner of Waze , and because it also has a music streaming service, Google Play Store, which competes with Spotify. Of course, with 50 million paid users, the Swedish app dwarfs its rivals. Now, it could be a way for Google to try to attract all that user base to Waze.

Now, what do both platforms gain? For Google it means improving the accuracy of Waze, and possibly attracting users to Waze Carpool, their new platform for travel in shared vehicles. This last service needs more users, on whether Google plans to expand it globally.

What it means for Spotify, which has long sought a strong partnership with a solid company (such as that with the New York Times ), is another story. Having Waze as a partner can mean more millions of users for the music platform, something that will surely not displease you.

Whatever the reason, that these two apps work interrelated seems quite useful , especially for Spotify subscribers who were already using Waze. The feature will reach Android users around the world (there is no news of an iOS version for now) over the next few weeks, so for now you can only wait.

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