You can discover, view and download 3D objects for virtual and augmented reality with Poly

Many of the professionals linked to the digital world need resources in their day-to-day with which to carry out their ideas. We are thinking of high quality images and videos and public domain, free icons or mockups for your use … even in hundreds of downloadable 3D objects for augmented and virtual reality applications or projects.

Where can we find such a treasure? In Poly, a collection of Google with a good number of elements and scenes in three dimensions ready to download, edit and use without limitation. As long as the author is recognized according to the Creative Commons license of each of the resources, of course.

This is how the 3D model community created by Google works

To set foot in this paradise of three dimensions is to find a thousand and one wonders available for use in projects of all kinds: from applications to AR or VR initiatives. With this in mind, this authentic library of digital modeling has been built from scratch.

And the best of all is that using it is tremendously simple, both by a professional in this sector and by anyone. To discover, see and download models and scenes is to sew and sing.

In the main page of Poly we find, arranged in an infinite grid, the most outstanding elements of the platform . The representation of a small motorcycle, one of the latest Google phones, a yellow Hummer, a particular view of the city of Rio de Janeiro, a beautiful pagoda or even the face of Jimi Hendrix himself.

If we display the column on the left, clicking on the icon located on this side, above, we will find a section dedicated to our things, with our profile, our tastes and creations that we have wanted to share with the community, and the different themes in which The collection is divided . Animals, objects, people, places, technology, food and a long list of types to be explored.


Accessing any of the designs we find an interface that may remind us of YouTube. In it we will have everything we need. First, an interactive visualization of the 3D object, which we can move at will , and second, different data of the object and actions to be performed.

The author is indicated, a description of the work, the date of upload, the subject to which it belongs, if the OBJ and FBX file has been provided and if it is editable, because we can find some that are not. As for options, we can indicate that we like it, share it on social networks, insert it into a website, create a gif with it and, in the vast majority of cases, download the aforementioned .OBJ and .FBX files . Although here does not end everything.

As we ventured, in addition to download we can also upload our own creationsand share them with the community. Directly through Poly, in which we will have an account if we have one from Google, or through the Blocks or Virtual Brush tools. You know, to share is to live!

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