Today’s Internet Marketing

In the old days, internet marketing often meant little more than having a website. Today, an Internet marketing strategy will promote your business, give your brand exposure, increase sales, and boost customer base. Without the essential components of internet marketing, your business or brand just won’t do as well as it could.

Be sure your brand is consistent. For example, if your site colors are green and orange with a specific font, carry the same theme and feel to email, cards, flyers, and coupons. Branding improves sales of your product or service and adds effectiveness and trustworthiness. Once your brand is decided, get a website set up. Your website should be a mix of images, text, and when relevant, video. You can build it yourself or hire a web developer or designer to build your site for you.

Track your traffic. You can do so by simple logins and various capture software suites that allow for various degrees of tracking. The choice is yours, but it behooves you to invest as much as you can in doing this. For a few dollars a month, you can see who is visiting, when, where, what they’re looking at; all of which really helps you improve your website and know what products or services generate the most interest.

Utilize search engine marketing (SEM) by improving the text on your site to bump your ratings up on searches through search engine optimization (SEO).You should also buy pay-per-click ads, maybe a pay-for-inclusion (PFI) listing in website directories. E-mail marketing is a strong component in doing mass mailings from bought lists, or from reports of information you’ve pulled from your web tracking.

Publish articles related to your business and post on various syndicated sites for a great way to advertise. Also, consider writing a blog that posts news, and answers feedback; gives your customers an opportunity to be engaged in your business. Also, consider placing banner advertising on other sites. You can do this many ways. Finally, maximize all acceptable and professional social networking tools.

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