How to Choose the Right Hiking Socks

A good pair of hiking socks is essential gear for anyone seeking to get into walking as an outdoor leisure activity. In fact, many experienced walkers will testify that your choice of socks can be just as important as the boots you put them in!

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So how do you find the right pair? If you need some advice in selecting suitable hiking socks Ireland has a strong walking and rambling community, and there is sure to be a retailer with products to meet your requirements. There are several factors to consider when purchasing, however.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is probably the primary consideration for many walkers. Ensuring your socks are a good comfortable fit is key to avoiding painful blisters and rubbing, so make sure you size accordingly. Equally, ensure you find an appropriate height of sock to match your chosen footwear and activity. Higher socks will help to retain more of your body heat, for example.


Whilst hiking socks have traditionally been made from wool in order to avoid trapping moisture against the skin of your feet, modern synthetic fibres now enable manufacturers to use an ideal blend of properties to create materials which allow for moisture drainage whilst still keeping your feet warm and protected.

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It’s important, but fairly easy, to match your required sock density to the activity you’ll be performing. Whilst a brisk walk into Dublin and back probably doesn’t require thick hiking socks Ireland certainly has some challenging terrain. So if you’re going caving in Tipperary, you might want to consider something nice and dense to keep you warm! There are even socks specially designed for those hiking in extreme weather environments, both hot and cold.

Design and Construction

Look for hiking socks which incorporate extra toe, ball and heal padding, as this will keep your feet more comfortable on longer journeys. It’s important to find socks which are well designed and robustly made, as you will want them to be durable enough to withstand many miles of tough terrain.

It really can’t be overstated just how important your choice of socks is to your walking experience. Your choice of socks and footwear for the activities you will be doing can make all the difference, so be sure to shop around and choose wisely before setting out into the great outdoors.

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