Money saving ideas for your wedding day

Wedding budgets seem to magically increase as most things tend to cost far more for a wedding than you would imagine. Everything from the cost of the wedding venue to the Hampshire wedding photographer, if that is where you are tying the knot, can end up using up lots of your budget but they don’t have to. Here are some ideas that might save you money on some of your wedding day costs.

Money saving ideas

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Flowers and cake

There is no need to have a huge bouquet on your wedding day. A small, simple bridal bouquet can look just as effective. If you have family and friends who are able to assist with making bouquets or table decorations then even better!

Everyone loves cake but these days your wedding cake can be a chocolate cake, Victoria sponge or any combination you like. It doesn’t necessarily have to be several tiers and you can always buy a smaller cake and then additional bars of cake for cutting at the reception. A lot of department store food halls now offer wedding cakes or an even cheaper option is to have one made by someone you know!


Nobody wants to scrimp on a wedding photographer, but it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Photographers who come recommended by either the wedding venue such as, or who are recommended by someone you know, are likely to be able to offer you the best deal. Likewise, you don’t have to opt for the most expensive package and in this digital age, you may prefer to have the images electronically rather than traditional prints. This might also keep costs down.

Venue and catering

Choosing to get married on a weekday in winter will always make a wedding or reception venue cheaper than the same wedding on a Saturday in the summer, so this is an easy way to save money if you are flexible. Holding the reception somewhere like a village hall where you can self cater is also a cheaper option although the easiest way to save money on things like venues and catering is by having a small wedding with few guests.

So you can still have the best day of your life without starting the rest of your life wishing you hadn’t spent so much money!

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