Where to eat in Moscow?

Do you know where you can eat some of the best dishes from Moscow? We’ll tell you in our blog. If we travel to Moscow we have to prove its gastronomy, is more, we go wherever we go we have to taste it. But let’s focus on the Russian capital. Today we will see the best restaurants that we can go in the city and what are the typical Muscovite recipes.

Where to eat in MoscowThe best restaurants to eat in Moscow

To find out what are the best places to eat in Moscow

– Stolovaya: It is right on the Red Square and given its location could believe that it is quite expensive, but it is not. This Russian food buffet is inside the mall.

– Café Pushkin: One of the best restaurants and in it find two parts serving Russian food. On the first floor will find a bakery and in the second and third is the restaurant. On the second floor there is a library and we can hear the harp while we eat.

– Mu-mu: It’s a chain serving typical buffets and homemade Russian food. It is delicious and affordable and bright decor reminiscent of the skin of a cow let us gridded. Removing ugly decorated, well worth eating here.

– Expedítsiya: This restaurant really is expensive as their products come from distant areas. However, the fish is prepared dream.

– Mari Vanna: Do you want to taste authentic Russian salad? This restaurant is the perfect place. Its decor is inspired by the former communist regime that attracts plenty of nostalgic and tourists.

Now, go blindly to a foreign restaurant can lead to end up asking anything or worse, or we take the risk and ask a sad burger. We will not allow that! So let’s see what the most common dishes of Russian cuisine are.

Typical Russian dishes

– Borscht: This is a soup made of beet and beef that is usually accompanied with a thick sour cream. If it matches it is a very cold day feel like you touch her stomach.

– Salianka: Is another typical Russian soup that is made from various vegetables and small pieces of beef.

– Shaslik: In most restaurants you can find this meat cooked char – grilled and presented as known brochettes, i.e. pierced with a skewer.

– Black Caviar: It is very expensive and hard to find in normal restaurants as it is made from sturgeon eggs, fish endangered.

– Blinis: This is Russian pancakes stuffed mushrooms typical, but also served with red or dessert caviar.

As for the drink, we know that vodka is the typical drink of the Russians, so we have to try some brands.

What do you think these suggestions to find out where to eat in Moscow?

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