Google robots come to the real world and video are opening doors or in the forest

If you surely fascinated by robots Spot video (the last robot of the great Boston Dynamics) would run you in your time pretty excited and maybe even worried. It is not like it was fast and that appearance .. quadruped animal without head …

Well tuned because in this video we see the ability to spot new: paving. You will fear to run with you. Now you can enter your house. And if you try to escape, Boston Dynamics also has at its bipedal Atlas prepared to chase even through a forest.

Google RobotOpen doors, one of the best robots Boston Dynamics

Marc Raibert, founder of Boston Dynamics (the leading robotics company that Google acquired in 2013 ), has advanced some of the improvements that have developed in the company for two of its most popular robots.

The video above is a brief but significant example. First we see Spot in showing off his new skill: opening doors. To achieve this it has been slightly modified design, including a sort of arm to move a door handle and push. Of course, it remains as disturbing the absence of head.

Here comes the turn of Atlas, one of the most famous and regular participant in various competitions of robots humanoid robots. According Raibert account in the company are determined that this biped robot substantially improve their ability to walk outdoors, and that includes significant challenges to land that can be very irregular. After testing in the laboratory, they have already made the first test in real terrain.

Boston Dynamics Robot Atlas

In the video we can see one of these robots Atlas cope with total success through a forest. At times his walk is a bit awkward but, thanks to its system of dynamic equilibrium that allows you to stand even when walking at a fast pace does not fall. This ability consumes many system resources and energy, and is the explanation from Boston Dynamics have given their Atlas falls in the last competition DARPA.

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