How Necessary Are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are needed to test whether certain treatments are safe and effective. These trials involve people who experiment and test particular treatments as part of a research study. They are necessary in order to determine their possible side effects, safety and overall effectiveness etc.

How Necessary Are Clinical Trials

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Without a clinical trial, it is impossible to decide whether or not certain treatments are safe to use. On top of this, there is also the heightened possibility of giving people treatments that are a risk to their health and wellbeing.

What are they used for?

Clinical trials are used to test medicine and to compare different types of drugs and various treatment methods etc. Their existence has been an essential part of medicine for quite some time and have proven to be the most effective way in which to prevent and treat illness.

When medics and doctors need to make a specific decision about treating a particular of kind of illness, they base their decision on clinical trials. These trials have been carried out in different phases.

What are the Phases?

Clinical trial phases usually consist of Phase 1 and Phase 2. Each Phase refers to the specific stage in which the drug or treatment has reached in their clinical trial period. They are used to define the advancement of the treatment during the process of testing and experimentation.

What is Phase 1?

Phase 1 involves the first initial trial period of a new treatment. According to Health Talk, this process usually involves the treatment being tested by a small amount of people to determine its safety. These people are often healthy volunteers who have agreed to be a part of the trial and sometimes are given a compensation payment.

What is Phase 2?

Phase 2 refers to the process of comparing the new treatment to an existing method of treatment. This allows the researches to learn more about the new treatment and is usually carried out by a larger group of people. This is where factors such as side effects and safety are more accurately examined and measured.

What is Phase 3?

The third phase is a lot larger than the first two in regards to the amount of people who participate in the testing of the new treatment. A more refined comparison is usually made with standard treatments and further research and testing is carried out into possible side effects, safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

If you are in the phase of developing a new treatment or perhaps you need to carry out a clinical trial on a certain treatment, it is advised to have qualified personnel help you to complete the process. You can find professional and qualified Clinical Trial Assistants from who will be able to assist you in your clinical trial journey.


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