Choosing the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs

If you are looking for a picture perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs, it is essential that you consider what will complement the style, theme, look and feel of your big day. Wedding photography in the New Forest offers plenty of scenic locations, including unspoilt farmland, lush woodland and open heathland. Alternatively, if wide open spaces are not really what you imagined, there are plenty of superb buildings that are sure to accommodate every style of special day.

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Unusual locations

Abandoned buildings, factories and other industrial backdrops have proven very popular with more adventurous or contemporary brides in recent years. These alternative and often stark locations create an incredible contrast when a bride in a beautiful white dress and a groom in formal attire are photographed in the foreground.

Walls filled with brightly-coloured graffiti or murals, inner city backdrops and other more modern options make a great alternative to the traditional scenes chosen by many couples tying the knot. Fresh, modern and funky backdrops can completely change a wedding photograph’s atmosphere and add the light-hearted, personalised touch that many couples prefer.

Classic locations

Medieval churches, glorious historic buildings, town halls and other locations that feature classical architecture are a popular choice for many newlyweds.

Classic does not have to mean boring, and a good photographer will capture the essence of a couple and incorporate the traditional backdrop in just the right way. Many buildings also allow photographers to utilise their features, such as positioning a bride and groom on a spectacular staircase or framing the couple elegantly in an arch or window.

Vintage nuptial decor has also become very popular in recent years and provides plenty of beautiful backdrops. Piles of suitcases, old signs, bicycles and other vintage-style accessories create a classic look with a bit of a twist.

Photographers’ secret spots

Professionals such as Lemontree Photography will easily be able to guide a bride and groom towards a backdrop that will meet their needs. Many professional photographers have secret locations they prefer not to publicise to ensure they do not become too popular.

When planning the backdrop for your wedding photographs, it is always worthwhile asking the photographer’s opinion. Professional input will ensure the final results are what you desire and that the location suits your personal style perfectly.

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