What does a plasterer actually do?

The work of a plasterer is very important in adding that finishing touch to the home. Without the plasterer the lovely brick work that has gone into building it will be all exposed. Now, in some cases some people may actually like that but for the most part the majority of us want a nice bit of plaster up so that we can paint it in our prefered colours or choose some wallpaper.

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This is where Plasterers Gloucester, Carlise, Edinburgh or anywhere in the UK start to earn their wages. A company like http://pureplasterers.co.uk/ are a good place to start if you are on the lookout for a good plasterer. You’ll soon have a lovely set of smooth walls all ready for your decorating choices.

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What does the plasterer do? It’s an ancient tradition that is as old as construction itself. The plaster is a combination of lime, sand, cement  and gypsum mixed to make a smooth paste. Using the tools of the trade the plasterer applies this to the wall. This is where great skill is needed as the plaster needs to be as smooth and as even as possible on the wall. Any imperfection will snag wallpaper and look generally untidy.

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