McLaren believes the 600LT is not enough and could be preparing an even more extreme Sport Series

McLaren has just unveiled the most radical vision of its Sport Series family with the 600LT, but the world is never enough, some would say: the Woking brand could be preparing an even faster and more powerful variant, which would be based on the model of 570S GT4 competition. The figures that are shuffled are less than 1,200 kilos of weight and 670 HP of power.

According to the website of Motoring, McLaren’s chief engineer Paul Burnham could have anticipated that the McLaren 600LT is only a first appetizer and will soon lose the throne in the Sport Series in the shadow of an even more extreme model. “It’s amazing how useful the 600LT is on the road, so much so that maybe we should consider making an even faster version,” Burnham told the Australian media.

And everything seems to indicate that this new Sport Series will be based on the McLaren 570S GT4 , a version designed by and for circuit. However, we would be talking about a street model and not competition, as it happens with the newcomer McLaren 600LT.

A featherweight for 670 HP of power

The 600LT already lost 96 kilos of weight with respect to the McLaren 570S Coupé despite being 7.4 cm longer. The figure remained at 1,247 kilograms, which added to 600 horsepower, translates into 481 hp per ton or 2.07 kilos per horse, as preferred. These numbers are not “not bad”, but it seems that McLaren wants to go further.

With a chassis and body designed in carbon fiber , as in the 570S GT4, this new model still without a name, would aim to lower the 1,200 kilos. These would be accompanied by the same 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo engine that the McLaren 570S has, but the power that is being shuffled could be close to 670 HP, 70 HP more than the 600LT. If those are your figures, we would be talking about a weight / power ratio of 1.79 kg / cv.

According to Burnham, several of the elements of the 570S GT4 could be present in an approved supercar for road, as is the case of the adjustable pneumatic suspension, as well as the adaptive electronic rear spoiler. Reason does not lack: there are few supercars and preparations that enjoy these benefits.

It is hoped that, seeing the light, these and other aerodynamic components of the GT4 are present in this even more radical version of the McLaren 570S. Ganas does not lack Burnham, of course: “We want it to happen and I’m pushing hard for it”, concludes the engineer of the British manufacturer.

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