Where do students live in their first year at uni?

After the hard work and late nights spent on studying to get the grades for that place at university, it’s tempting to switch off for the rest of the summer, but there’s a reason people say if ‘you snooze, you lose’. Before hitting the pool or the games console take the time to make a really important decision – where you plan to live during your first year as a university student.

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Although applying for a room in halls may seem like the obvious thing to do, there are several other options worth considering too, depending on your budget and personal lifestyle choice. Here we look at the most popular.

University halls of residence

Living in halls means you meet lots of new people, many of them freshers like yourself. The rooms are not huge, but are mostly conveniently close to campus, and you can usually choose to pay extra for a private room or bathroom, and between self-catering or having main meals provided. If you prefer to be around large numbers of people, and the inevitable noise and mess they produce, or are looking for a reasonably priced place to stay, then halls are a good choice.

Private halls of residence

These are often one room apartment complexes with shared kitchens, owned and operated by private landlords and open to all students in the area. These are generally more modern than uni halls, but also more expensive.

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A room in a student house (private rent)

This is a solid choice if you already have friends you want to live with, or are more comfortable living with a small number of people. This may cost slightly more than living in halls but in turn you get better facilities. For example, Canterbury student homes, offered by small companies like https://canterburystudenthomes.co.uk/, are fully furnished and include all necessary appliances. Just over a quarter of UK students choose to live in a privately rented dedicated student house every year, so it’s not unusual – https://www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/preparing-to-go/where-to-live/.

Live with your family

A convenient and cheap option if you plan to study in the area where you live. What you gain in terms of support and domestic services you could lose in commuting, or true independence, but you can always decide to share for your second year if that appeals.

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