eCommerce: slow speed, less sales

When buying online, consumers are demanding a fully satisfactory online experience. Skrill study stands as a major obstacle enjoy a proper loading speed and the web work perfectly.

43% of customers decided to suspend the buying process, if the website you are trying to formalize their request is very slow, or has problems of navigation.

But the loading speed is not the only factor that makes the online conversion. 38% of consumers surveyed 2000 slows to the obligation to register your account before buying. This situation is compounded if the company asks for it too much confidential information (32%). These practices do little more than generate mistrust and insecurity and thus lead the client to question the suitability of completing the process.

eCommerce slow speed, less salesThe study also includes a third determining factor, which can also make the customer discard the idea of buying from an online store ultimately. We refer to the form of payment. No less than 28% of participating customers in the study indicated that it had decided to abandon their online shopping cart, since he could not use their preferred method of payment. This percentage rises to 32% in the case of younger customers aged 18 to 24 years.

What payment methods online consumers prefer?

When it comes to confirm the transaction, more than half of respondents (57%) prefer to use your credit card to pay. Second, the study reflects the preference of customers to use their digital wallet (29%). However, only 2% was willing to make online transfers; transaction that normally usually involves commissions from financial institutions.

As we can see, the index of satisfaction in online shopping experience is mainly determined by the browsing experience and correct usability of the site. It is also essential that the company generates confidence and facilitate the purchase process, simplifying it where possible. Finally, the company must facilitate the purchase, especially allowing most common methods of payment and agile; including card payment greatly predominates.

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