The 7 best sales techniques to increase sales

Today I speak of the seven best techniques for achieving a sale or a particular purpose.

First, we need to identify those who are “really” our customers by establishing clear priorities, focused on the brand and not the people. To set these priorities must choose only those customers to whom we provide them a real solution to a need or problem and we do also providing a differential value.

  1. Technical Sales NOT focus on what we sell, focus on what we bring about a need or problem and to focus on the brand, only in this way will we be able to respond to their needs.

Second: once determined who our clients, establish priorities, depending on three criteria:

  • When you buy,
  • What is the customer’s knowledge or positioning about our company or product
  • Quien (sectors) consume or not our product or service.

The 7 best sales techniques to increase salesA customer who does not know us cannot contact you before we must know and then contacted him.

  1. Technical Sales prioritize based positioning the customer has on us and when the purchase decision is taken.

Third: determined who our customers and priorities of each, to establish a strategy and single strategy sectors.

You have to generate visibility and credibility for each specific sector to which we will conduct covering the specific needs of each. Only focusing on sectors, we will be able to identify the problems and needs of each. Every month you have to work two to four sectors sending newsletter or interacting with them via social networks. In these actions we do not sell them anything but generate visibility and most importantly, credibility, showing them what our product or service has made for customers counterparts to, with our company or third.

  1. Technical Sales establish a specific strategy by customer, from the industry knowledge.

4: the preparation of the meeting. When us coordinate a meeting to present our product or service must find out what are the specific customer needs. Must present meeting needs and solving problems, not selling anything, so we must be very clear what they are. Must have a specific purpose for the meeting: sell, get information, access another person, etc… But each meeting has a different aim and objective is not always sell.

We must foresee everything and leave nothing to chance, improvisation solo improvisation leads to another.

  1. Technical Sales meeting preparation based on the specific needs of each client.

Fifth: we must work presentation based on the generation of expectations. Not only is it important to prepare is more important customer willingness of the application, you have to get 100% when we present are receptive because of the expectations.

The presentation should be structured as follows;

  • Presentation staff asking questions denoting knowledge about the customer, we valued much more by our questions by our arguments.
  • Stop talking and get to know what real customer needs has
  • Exposing our presentation focusing on the needs of the sector and the specific needs of the client.
  • Getting a target concrete?
  • Technical Sales presentation should be focused on a specific goal.
  • Monitoring and achievement. After the meeting / presentation to do a constant monitoring to detect if we have been able to deliver what customers really need or have to make changes after our initial proposal.

We must analyze what determines the purchase decision to work all the elements that could affect the final decision, consider buyers and specifiers. A rule that final decision depends not only on a person but not us convey that.

When the purchase decision is taken will not be there, so we must work independently the maximum number of buyers and specifiers people.

  1. Technical Sales buyers and specifiers work equally for the moment of truth be elected.
  2. Loyalty. Shares of digital marketing and public relations are crucial, regardless of the sales force. We cannot take the risk when a customer make a buying decision, NOT be on your “top of mind” must be constantly on the minds of our customers in every way and possible ways in order to be your first choice.

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