The Appeal of Reproduction Designer Furniture

When you think of reproduction furniture, one of the images that comes to mind is of high-quality, hand-finished copies of rare of priceless pieces, the value of which can rival that of the real thing. But the term ‘reproduction’ is also more loosely used to cover a wide range of classic and period styles. The Wood Bros. Old Charm range is an example of reproduction oak furniture in the Tudor style. It includes living, dining, entertainment and office pieces that are designed to appreciate in value as time goes on. Higher end reproduction designer furniture manufacturers like Belvedere Reproductions will produce four poster beds, banqueting tables and more; their bespoke pieces are designed to fit a room perfectly. But the world of reproduction furniture doesn’t end there.

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Great Effect, Affordable Cost

It doesn’t have to cost the Earth to design and furnish a room in a particular period style. While you may be lucky to pick up a bargain antique, if you’re going for a matching set or furniture in the same range, the costs can spiral out of control. Unless you’re a serious collector, completing your dream room can be done at an affordable price, and there are plenty of reproduction designer furniture manufacturers out there that can fulfil your needs. The choice is endless, from period to contemporary, from faithful reproductions to styles inspired by well known modern furniture brands and designers.

A Unique Combination of Styles

Of course, reproduction doesn’t always mean it has to be an exact copy. Original, eye-catching designs featuring the defining traits of a specific designer or era, such as a minimalist look, a colour scheme or organic shapes can be more than enough to evoke the right look and feel for a living space.

Contemporary reproduction furniture specialists like, among others, typically offer a combination of reproduction and original pieces within their collections. Such firms stock carefully selected furniture and accessories from original brands along with faithful reproductions of pieces.

Reproduction designer furniture offers a fresh, modern take on the iconic styles of the mid 20th century. Whether you’re looking to redesign an entire room in a particular style or purchase a piece that will add contrast and interest to an existing space, freedom of choice and price should always be your foremost considerations.

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