The climber, a complete exercise for this holiday

Following with some tips for this holiday we want to pause in an exercise that we can do anywhere we are on vacation without using any device, simply our body. It is the exercise known as the climber that will put to work on the whole lower train of our body, in addition to helping us to activate the metabolism of a considerable amanera.

As we have said, the realization of this exercise can be carried out anywhere, because it will simply serve us with our body to make it happen. Anyone can do the climber, only we will vary the times of the exercise. For example, a beginner can do three sets of 20 seconds and rest for three more. An intermediate person can do about 30 seconds in each set and an advanced person can reach 60 seconds of exercise.

Execution and development of the climber

The way to perform the exercise will be simple, since we will be placed with our hands on the ground, so that the arms are stretched out. Keep in mind that during the exercise this will be an important point of support, because only the arms will serve to hold us, they will not act in the exercise, because it will be the legs that will do it. In this position we will try to keep the head forward, the back straight.

The next step is the legs, which are the great stars of the exercise. We will place the left fully stretched back and the right folded forward, so that the knee is as touching the chest. In this posture we will alternate legs, that is, the left that was stretched back, will pass forward by bending the knee to the chest, while the right will be stretched and so on. This will be the movement that we are going to carry out and through which we will work.

Exercise rhythm and errors to avoid

It is important that we keep a steady pace when doing the exercise. It is not advisable to force the position and much less raise the back too much, since we will get all the tension is concentrated in the back, specifically in the lower part. Therefore it is necessary that we concentrate on the movement and for that we work with the muscles of the legs and with the core to obtain a perfect realization of each movement.

A complete work at muscular level

To keep in mind that the muscles that we are going to work during the execution of this exercise are mainly the buttocks majors, the quadriceps, the biceps femoris and the twins. But do not forget that when stabilizing throughout the whole year, our stabilizers of the trunk or also known as core, and that make up the whole abdominal wall, will intervene. To this must be added its important energy performance, because it is a fairly complete aerobic exercise that will serve to keep us on vacation or we can use it as a culmination to any training routine.

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