Twitter joins the party and also admits having inflated video ad metrics

Many critics have been falling on Facebook since admitting in September that it had inadvertently inflated its video metrics for two years until it announced a few days ago that it was already starting to solve these problems. But it seems that Zuckerberg’s have not been alone, and now Twitter has joined the party of inflated metrics.

According to the Business Insider, Twitter has admitted this morning that a bug in the Android version of its application has been inflating video metrics, a rise that according to internal sources could have been up to 35%. The social network began reporting the problem to advertisers this week, promising them refunds for over-billing video campaigns posted in recent weeks.

“We recently discovered a technical bug by an update of Twitter customers for Android that affected some video ad campaigns from November 7 to December 12,” a Twitter spokesman for the Business Insider admitted. “Once the problem is discovered, we resolve it and communicate its impact to the affected partners. Since this is a technical error and not a policy or definition problem, we are sure that it has already been resolved.”

What happens when metrics are inflated?

Social networks often charge for video advertising campaigns depending on the impact that advertisers have had on them. Therefore, the first consequence that the numbers of this impact were inflated has been that Twitter has overcharged its advertisers for campaigns that did not have as much impact as they accounted for.

As in the case of Facebook, this case can seriously affect the credibility of the company, as advertisers may have doubts as to whether their campaigns have really had the impact for which they have paid. Hence Twitter has been in a hurry to announce that it will return all the money they have overcharged.

And not for less, because Twitter is having serious problems this year. On the one hand it is not getting back up in billing and users, which has already led to having to make several layoffs. His top managers are leaving the company eagerly, and when they tried to sell themselves, his bad reputation over his many trolls could have made him run out of candidates.

Much has to improve if it wants to overcome its situation, and this problem with the metrics will make it a little more difficult for advertisers. It will be necessary to see how they face the social network next year and if they finally begin to climb the flight.

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